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Weather Data
This weather data is collected north of Dana, IN. Most people will say the electronic gauge will register about 80% of a tube type gauge. Right click on the download symbol and click on "open link" to view the pdf files. I have added the Rain Database. It is not an accurate database due to periodic failures of the station. Lightning has cooked the station multiple times and the entire antenna that the station was fastened to blew over once. I only include it on this page to show what would be possible if I could keep the station working 24/7.

July 07 Rain and Temps

     Rain amounts and temperatures for July, 2007 Download Rain0707.pdf

August 07 Rain and Temps

     Rain and Temperatures for August 2007 Download Rain0708.pdf

September 07 Rain and Temps

     September 2007 Rainfall and Temperatures Download Rain0709.pdf

October 07 Rain and Temps

     October 2007 Rainfall and Temperatures Download Rain0710.pdf

November 07 Rain and Temps

     November 2007 Rainfall and Temperatures Download Rain0711.pdf

December 07 Rain and Temps

     December 2007 Rainfall and Temperatures Download Rain0712.pdf

2007 Rain and Temps

     2007 Rainfall and Temperatures Download Rain07.pdf

Rain Database

     This is the rain database since I started keeping records. There are several holes in the data from station failures. There is bad data at the end of 2006. I tried to fix the data; at least it does not show over 400 inches of rain for December 2006. Download RainDatabase.pdf

April 09 Rain

     April 09 Rain Download 0904Rain.pdf

May 09 Rain

     May 09 Rain Download 0905Rain.pdf

June 09 Rain

     June 09 Rain Download 0906Rain.pdf

July 09 Rain

     July 09 Rain Download 0907Rain.pdf

August 09 Rain

     August 09 Rain Download 0908Rain.pdf

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