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Internet Links
Finding information on the Internet is like drinking from a firehose and not knowing the water source. The links you find here have passed the Milligan filter.

United Methodist Links

Economic Development/NeCD Reuse
  • Agricultural Zoning Suggestions
    On March 23, 2007, the Indiana Land Resources Council made final recommendations on model agricultural zoning concepts. The Indiana State Department of Agriculture and ILRC believe these ordinances will be valuable to counties across the state as they make proactive decisions about land use. There are many different strategies to accommodate the land use needs of a community, and the best approach for each county is to tailor solutions to its unique characteristics. These model ordinances are currently being printed and sent to local officials across the state. For more information, please contact Sarah Simpson at sasimpson@isda.in.gov or 317-460-6380.
  • Vermillion County Zoning Ordinance
    This link is to the links page on the Purdue Extension Vermillion County website.
  • Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority
    Plese visit the Newport Chemical Depot Reuse Authority web site.


WILL AM580 Radio
  • WILL AM580 Radio
    Listen to recorded market commentary, subscribe to the newsletter, listen to WILL radia via the internet and become a friend of WILL radio.

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